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Breaking News: @Mattel #SDCC 2021 #JurassicPark Exclusive Announcement

Welcome to a week of SDCC 2021 Convention Exclusive Reveals from our friends at Mattel and Mattel Creations.  All week long we will take a look at a new SDCC@Home Exclusive from Mattel that will be available for you to order on MattelCreations!

Today we get to look at their SDCC Exclusive offering for their popular JURASSIC WORLD/JURASSIC PARK line of action figures and it’s a DOOZY!   You’re going to want to “hang on to your butts!”


Jurassic Park Final Scene Ray Arnold

Fans would give their right arm for this special collector pack. It imagines the memorable moment viewers never got to see in the Jurassic Park movie — as Chief Engineer John Raymond ‘Ray’ Arnold heroically heads to the maintenance shed to reboot the power. Capturing this tragic moment that lives only in the imagination, the pack includes a highly posable 3.75-inch (9.5-cm) action figure of Arnold with removable arm within the maintenance shed setting. The 2.4-inch (6.1-cm-cm) tall and 7-inch (17.8-cm) long ferocious-looking Velociraptor figure reminds us how Arnold dies, losing his arm in the process. Sounds and lights heighten the suspense and even the packaging reflects the authentic setting of the scene. Makes a great gift for collectors, especially Jurassic Park fans! Colors and decorations may vary.
SRP: $25


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