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Boss Fight Studios Reveal new Sam & Max Figures!

Unsavory street corner hoodlums! Rampant crime! Bootleg corndogs!

In a confusing world, The Commissioner has only one instrument of swift justice to call upon –


Steve Purcell’s classic comic -later video game, later animation, then some more video games – about a dog in a snazzy suit and a rabbit-y-thing has finally been realized as collectible toys!

Boss Fight Studio is proud to launch a new line of toys for SAM & MAX with 6” Scale premium action figures of the classic FREELANCE POLICE duo!

SAM includes removable hat, alternate heads, alternate hands, pistol weapon, orange non-brand specific frozen treat, and Max paper bag puppet!

MAX includes alternate heads, alternate hands, hammer, pistol weapon, rat and rotary dial telephone!

These premium action figures will be offered in attractive window box packaging with new illustrations and a new comic strip by creator Steve Purcell!

2019 Release – exact timing TBD