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Boss Fight Studio Zorro Figures Review!!! + Why Diverse Representation In Toys Matters

I should preface this review by addressing several biases I have in favor of these figures. The obvious one being that these are review samples that I received for free, so that right there gives them points. The less obvious bias is that as a Mexican, seeing figures that represent characters of color or of some diversity will always be something that I am on board for (technically Zorro is European and considered White but he is also Hispanic and in some interpretations either half or full Mexican). The last and most important bias that makes me love these figures is that my son’s name is Zorro. If you combine those last two biases you’ll find that having toys that represent my son’s cultural identity even in the slightest way are very important to me.

I remember buying a few Miles Morales figures years before the “Spider-verse” movie came out just because he was a Latino Spider-Man and a true embodiment of Stan Lee’s sentiment of anybody being “behind the mask”. Recently I was very happy that Hasbro released a couple of The Mandalorian figures of Din Djarin with his helmet off, showcasing Chilean-born actor Pedro Pascal’s face. I bought both of them. Looking at my collection I realize that the majority of the figures and characters are white and male. After having my son I realized that I needed to do a better job of showing him diversity and inclusion in all aspects of his life and that included his toys. I hope that toy companies continue and increase their efforts for inclusion. Black/African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos comprise nearly a third of our populations and should be represented accordingly, even in the toy aisle.


I’ll now step off my soap box to review these excellent figures, which I previously stated could do almost no wrong in my eyes. Boss Fight Studios was kind enough to send me the first wave of their Zorro figures which includes the single figure and the Tornado 2-pack. Both figures have excellent sculpts and portraits. The single release includes an alternate mask-less Don Diego De La Vega head. I have no real complaints about these figures but was a bit dismayed by the fact that Don Diego gets the smiling face sculpt and Zorro gets more of a stern/bad-ass face. When I think of Zorro I think of a laughing, swashbuckling swordsman that carved a “Z” into your flesh with a smile.

The rest of the accessories are his signature weapons (whip and sword), removable hat (my favorite feature), and an extra set of hands. The hands are easy to swap but must always be done with caution and it was recommended to me that one use hot water just to be safe though I had no issues personally fresh out of the box. The 2-pack Zorro comes with a soft-goods cape and red/gold accents on his costume and sword respectively. I should also mention that the whip coils nicely and can be stored on his belt like that. His belt has a special loop for for his sword instead of a scabbard. I would have preferred a scabbard but that’s such a non-issue compared to how beautifully these figures turned out.

The 2-pack comes with probably the best accessory that Zorro could come with, his trusty horse Tornado! Tornado is very well articulated and easy to pose. He comes with a special stand that gives you several pose options including the classic rearing into action stance. Tornado comes with gold trimmed saddle that fits the figures nicely. The soft goods cape works best with the horse but the plastic cape worked well too and I have no issue putting that Zorro on his horse and is in fact my preferred version and will be displayed with Tornado.

Overall these are perfect figures in sculpting, pose-ability, portrait, and included accessories. It’s no wonder that these pre-orders are sold out. For Zorro collectors these are must haves and hopefully fill the hole left by the rarity and high cost of the Gabriel action figures. I can’t stress enough that just as collector pieces these are great for display. As figures that add to the cultural diversification of my collection I’m eternally grateful that Boss Fight has considered this legendary hero to be added to their pantheon of awesome licenses. Although pre-orders are sold out they will be selling some stock this Friday, Feb. 5th. 4pm ET. The single release figure can be purchased here and the Tornado/Zorro 2-pack here. Good luck!

Any thoughts on these figures? Toys of diversity? Let me know below!