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Blast from The Past, Weekly Special, More at Cotswold Collectibles!


Super excited about the upcoming Kentuckian GI Joe Toy Expo, coming up next Saturday, July 20th, in Louisville, KY. Will be our FOURTH year attending the show, and we love attending! This show always has a great selection of vintage and new, small and large scale figures. I may even find a missing piece to add to my collection too!

For more information, click HERE for the website, and HERE for the Facebook page…



Army General (Target Exclusive)

Released in 1996 as a Target Limited Edition commemorating the 50th Anniversary of WWII, this set includes: Joseph Colton head on Hall of Fame style body; Leather jacket; Dark brown shirt; Tan trousers; Tan tie; Web belt; Pistol w/holster; Canteen & cover; Helmet with 3-star insignia; Boots; Backpack radio; Dog tags


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Detective Outfit Set

On Sale for $47.99 (Save 20%)!

Set features: Dress Shirt, Trousers, Tie, Dress Coat, and Trench Coat

NOTE: figure, shoes, cigarette, and weapon not included (display only).

Click HERE for details.

Offer Expires: July 17th, 2019 at 6:00 pm (central). Cannot be combined with any other special or discounted pricing. Sorry – No Backorders or Rainchecks.


  • JX Toys US Army Air Force Female Officer Peggy
  • SW Toys Redfield 2.0 Figure Set
  • SooSoo Toys Hero Lawyer
  • Vicky Secret Toys The White Wolf Outfit & Head Sculpt Set
  • Asmus Toys Gandalf the Grey (Crown Series)
  • Toys Power Elite Troops of Qin Empire (Red or Black Uniform)
  • Toys Power Elite Troops of Qin Empire (Terra Cotta)
  • COO Models Date Masamune (Masterpiece Version)
  • COO Models Date Masamune (Masterpiece Unique Version)
  • Firebase Ryan Explorer Satchels (3 New Colors)
  • Phicen Limited Female Slender Seamless Bodies (2 Bust Sizes)
  • VOR Toys ‘Strong Body’ Three Piece Dress Suit Set (Pin Stripe)
  • Toy Center Female Denim Outfits (2 Color Styles)
  • Cow Pen Toys Olivia Head Sculpts (Brunette or Black)
  • Mattsquatch Customs Repro MP5 Sub-Machine Guns (2 Versions)
  • Mattsquatch Customs TORAK Accessory Set
  • Mattsquatch Customs Boltcutters (Black)
  • Mattsquatch Customs Sci-Fi Style Pistols


  • Muscle Body Repair Kit
  • Talker Leg Repair Kit
  • Talker String Replacement
  • Star Ace Toys Audrey Hepburn 2.0 (Special Edition)
  • Star Ace Harry Potter Series Ginny Weasley
  • Feelwo Toys Metal Park Bench
  • Mini Times Toys SEAL Team Navy Special Forces HALO Night Ops with Dog
  • Mini Times Toys CIA Armed Agent
  • Very Hot ‘The Last’ Uniform Set
  • Very Hot US Navy SEAL CQB (Night Ops) Ver. 3.0 Uniform Set
  • Very Hot US Navy RIVRON Uniform Set
  • Very Hot US Army Special Forces HALO Uniform Set
  • Very Hot US Navy Deck Crew Uniform Sets (5 Styles)
  • Very Hot VF-101 ‘Grim Reapers’ Pilot Uniform Set
  • Very Hot Sean Head Sculpt
  • Very Hot ‘Don’t Cross Me’ Head Sculpt
  • Very Hot VBad Guy #2′ Head Sculpt
  • Very Hot Jason Head Sculpt
  • Very Hot Bruce Head Sculpt
  • Very Hot Basic Male Body

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Mercenaire by Jay Greenough

Cotswold uniform and gear. Cotswold body with Action Man head. Captain Cosmos beret and Uzi.