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Black Series Boba Fett Helmet Review #Halloween #WearAMask

Halloween is around the corner and many naysayers are already claiming that due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the holiday is most likely not going to happen. May I offer a different perspective, since many cities are enforcing wearing a mask why not make everyday Halloween and wear a mask that is fun/festive. I’ve taken the initiative and have decided to make the most of this pandemic by leaving the house safely with my Black Series Boba Fett Helmet.

Hasbro has been making childhood dreams comes true with their Black Series Star Wars prop replica line. The line consists mostly lightsabers and helmets but they all seem to be high quality, worthy of display in any collection. The new Boba Fett helmet was an item that I was looking forward to and due to current mask laws where I live I’m actually encouraged to wear it in public. You may find this silly but I feel safer and badass at the same time. While it’s not fully practical as a face shield (nor would I recommend it as such) I make sure I wear a bandana under it for added protection, plus I have a beard so I need to make sure that furry bugger stays covered.

The helmet isn’t very cumbersome and I’ve worn it during some hot days here in Los Angeles and even went for a hike to test out it’s comfortability. I mostly wear it in my neighborhood at night while walking my dog, but I should add that I live in a very well lit area so visibility isn’t an issue. I did walk down a not so well lit area one night and was almost run over by a couple of rental scooters on the sidewalk (they just missed me and managed to say how cool my helmet was.)

I personally believe in wearing a mask to protect myself and others. Especially since I have a young son at home, I know it’s important to stay safe as well as give him a good example. Earlier this year I purchased the Hasbro Marvel Star-Lord helmet replica for the same purpose but found it not very comfortable, it didn’t close around my head properly, and visibility at night was a huge issue. The Boba Fett Helmet fits great, doesn’t get too hot, and gets mostly positive attention. Making everyday Halloween might not be for you and I understand that but it’s still important to wear a mask, might as well look good while you do it. This is this way…at least for the foreseeable future. The Boba Fett helmet was provided by for the purposes of this review and can be purchased here

Hope you’re staying safe!