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Batman Desk Lamp – Make Your Own

The other day, my friend Randy, a huge Batman fan, was talking about a Batman bedside lamp from his childhood that was going for over $450 on eBay.

Batman desk lamp

My suggestion is make your own.

Lamp, Batman action figure of your choice, superglue.

Investment? 20$? 30$? Certainly doable for much less.

Here are a few options to get your creativity started.

DC Direct Batman

Let’s start with this awesome Batman figure from DC Direct in the art style of Ed McGuiness.

Funko Pop Batman

Perhaps, like me, you are a fan of Funko Pops.

Funko has lots of versions of Batman from the comics, the movies and animation.

This version came with their Hall of Justice.

Dorbz Batman

Funko also makes these adorable Dorbz figurines.

Maybe, like me, you find it hard to choose one specific version of Batman.

You could go with multiple Batmen from the same line.

Like these 3 versions from Mattel’s Batman Brave and the Bold line.

Brave and Bold Team

If you were really like me, this is what you would make.

Batman and Friends.

Again, these are taken from the Mattel line, Batman Brave and the Bold.

Awesome Trio.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not point out that the sky is the limit here.

It’s your own creation.  No one gets to say what you can and cannot include.

There is no way the licensors would let the above be mass produced, but you could certainly make your own.


Thank you, Randy, for inspiring this.