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Avengers Endgame Hot Toys Nebula Figure Photos & Up for Order!

Hot Toys kicked off the week and their Avengers 4 sixth scale figures lineup with new versions of the two most marketable characters from the movie: Thanos and Iron Man Mark 85. But for their next launch, they’re throwing us a curveball in the form of a long-demanded supporting character getting her first (and almost certainly only) 1/6 MMS ever: the Hot Toys Nebula figure is now up for order! Should you make space for Thanos’ other daughter to join your collection…?

Hot Toys Nebula 12 Inch Figure Guardians of the GalaxyAs time goes on, Hot Toys takes less and less risks with their Marvel Movie Masterpiece Series of sixth scale figures. There were no Black Order figures for Infinity War, no young Nick Fury or Starforce members for Captain Marvel, no Grandmaster or Valkyrie or Korg for Ragnarok, no Ronan, no Okoye, no Malekith, no Mordo, no Ghost, no Vulture.

But there’s one long-requested character who actually is bucking expectations and getting her own 12” MMS figure as part of the Avengers 4 lineup, and it’s a choice that will make a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy fans happy: Nebula!

Nebula Hot Toys Figure Holding Batons DaggersAfter being previously featured in Avengers Infinity War and both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, the fourth film is the charm and Gamora’s eternally-suffering sister will finally get her day in the sixth scale sun as the third entry in the Avengers Endgame Hot Toys lineup!

Hot Toys Endgame Nebula Sixth Scale FigureFor most folks, this will complete their Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy team (as Mantis is almost certainly never happening), giving us at least one figure each of all five core members of the team and also Yondu and Nebula. This was high on my list of most-wanted remaining characters in the MCU, so I’m pretty stoked to see her becoming a reality.

Hot Toys Avengers Endgame Nebula FigureMy analysis of this figure is plain and simple: it looks outstanding. The Karen Gillian likeness is out of this world, and the costume looks incredible. I saw some gripes about the proportions of Nebula’s Head compared to her body, but as I’ve looked at more photos, it looks dead-on to me. Assuming this comes out like the prototype, this is a complete win in the making.

Hot Toys Nebula Figure and AccessoriesOn the accessories side, we’re getting seven interchangeable hands, a blaster, a baton handle, two long batons, lightning effects pieces that can attach to the batons and the obligatory figure base display stand. An extra head with furious expression would have been nice, but the multiple portraits ship sailed long ago on the Marvel Hot Toys line.

All in all, this release looks excellent to me and is the first Hot Toys figure revealed in quite a while that has been a “buy on sight” release for me. With Nebula’s likely expanded role in Endgame, I think this is going to be a real sleeper hit like that Yondu that’s selling for crazy bucks these days.

Nebula Hot Toys Endgame Figure with Electric Effects Piece BatonsThe Hot Toys Endgame Nebula 1/6 figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in early 2020. As this may be the only never-before-done character for the movie—and looking at the crazy prices the Yondu MMS sells for these days—I would absolutely recommend locking in a pre-order this time out if you know you’ll want Nebula on your shelf.

Were you surprised to see a Nebula Hot Toys figure announced, and what do you think of her, Marvel collectors? Will you be snapping her up, and are there any other characters never done in 1:6 before you’d like to see produced for the Avengers Endgame series?

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