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Army Alphas 1:12 Scale Kickstarter Campaign is FULLY 100% Funded With 2 Days Left!

The 1:12 (6″ Scale) Army Alphas Campaign is over 100% Funded on Kickstarter

The time has finally come for 1:12 (6 inch) SWAT, Soldier, and Army Builder figures! Cryptid Toys has launched the Army Alphas campaign that is on Kickstarter now! Each super articulated action figure has all the standard points of articulation that collectors have come to expect in addition being very modular. Helmet tops, heads, necks, arms, hands, torsos at the waist, and vests/harnesses are all swappable.  These figures are in scale with Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse, Medicom Mafex, and many other collector lines. Grab some Army Alphas to boost your existing collection of army builders or even start a new one!
There are four Basic figures and one Deluxe figure being offered in the initial group.  The Basics are the Blue SWAT, Night Ops SWAT, Serpent Trooper, and Space Trooper. The Deluxe is the UCP Soldier. There are several stretch goals for different items that will become unlocked should the funding goal reach those levels.
The 20-piece Accessory Pack will be unlocked at $65,000, the Stealth Ninja figure at $70,000, and the Grey SWAT figure at $75,000.

The campaign has already surpassed the initial funding goal so at a minimum, the five initial figures are guaranteed to go into production. It will run until the evening of Friday, March 15 so there is still some time to unlock some of the additional stretch goals!  Basic figures and the accessory pack are $25 each, Deluxe figures are $33 each, and shipping to each region is a flat rate no matter how many figures you pre-order.

Click Here to visit the campaign now!

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