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Announcing the new First LEGO League World Festival Trophy!

Remember that we teamed up with LEGO Education last year in their search for an awesome new FIRST LEGO League trophy through the aptly named “Design the Next FIRST® LEGO® League World Festival Trophy” contest? If you need a refresh then you can check out the contest here and the summary of the winners here.

Today we’re thrilled to reveal the final design, which was a collaborative effort between winning LEGO Ideas member Quinten (aka nasa105) and LEGO Education Designer Lee Magpili!

Not only do we get to reveal the latest trophy but it’s also wonderful knowing that the trophy will be handed out today for the very first time to the winning teams at the World Festival in Houston!

Marijn Delhez and Lee Magpili from the LEGO Education team announce the trophy in the below video and take you through some of the design decisions when making the final version.


Want to learn more about Quinten’s original motivation when building his trophy design then check out this interview on LEGO FanTube.