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-Review and photos by Scott Rubin

Last week we discussed some of the interesting partnerships WizKids has engaged in when it’s come to HeroClix outside of the Big 2 of DC and Marvel Comics.  There have been fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero films, video games, a heavy metal mascot character, lots of Star Trek, even a sci-fi TV series with The Orville, and more.  But now we’re getting the biggest, baddest, and craziest addition to the game yet.  That’s right, folks, it’s WWE

group - the rock

World Wrestling Entertainment is joining the world of HeroClix (or is it the other way around?), but this is no mere expansion.  Instead, WizKids has unveiled an entirely new way to play with a Single Universe rulebook, WWE-specific powers and abilities, and more.  There are not one but TWO Starter Sets for WWE, and a full wave of 18 single-figure boosters!  And it’s noteworthy that none of these products contains any “blind” materials; you’ll always see what you’re getting so you can collect and field your favorite WWE Superstars!  Today we’re lucky enough to share with you a look at the entire WWE HeroClix first wave collection, so let’s get right to it.


Mixed Match Challenge Starter Set

In order to play HeroClix, and especially the WWE flavor, you’ll need a Starter Set.  WizKids has you covered with two different wrestling themed packs that differ quite a bit in what you get.  First off is the Mixed Match Challenge Starter Set, the biggest item in the new line.  Through the box’s huge window, you can see the four included figures: Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Finn Bálor, and AJ Styles.  Behind them is the new WWE Ring, a 3D terrain feature that’s a perfect complement to your wrestling HeroClix games!  It’s a great game piece, sturdy and elevated with a white mat decorated with the WWE logo, black turnbuckles, white ropes, and even WWE logos on the turnbuckle pads.


WWE Superstars are a unique breed, tougher, stronger, and faster than us normal mortals.  In HeroClix that translates into some interesting shared features and abilities that we’ll take a look at here first.  Naturally, every wrestler has a “Signature Move,” the chosen way to end a match in victory.  Every WWE figure has one of these as a trait, giving him or her a special attack only usable when the figure already has 1 action token. 


The Mixed Match Challenge wrestlers each have a second trait that activates when they bash around their enemies in conjunction with their allies (Charlotte and AJ, Finn and Sasha).  Otherwise they’re pretty straightforward and team friendly, perfect for a starter set.  The men are both 70 points while the woman are 75, giving you two matched 145 point teams and either a nearly complete 300 point team or two halves to build up with other figures.  All wrestlers have Indomitable, no range, and the WWE team ability, of course.  Powers include the familiar (Charge, Sidestep, Combat Reflexes, Invulnerability, Toughness, Perplex, Probability Control, etc.) along with some of the newcomers (Nimble, Submission Hold, Reversal, Stun).  Note that while AJ Styles, Finn Bálor, and Sasha Banks also appear in the single-figure expansions (with different dials), this pack is the only way to get a Charlotte Flair figure.


Beyond those physical components, the Starter Set still has a lot more.  Key here is the all new HeroClix Single Universe Core Rulebook, a slimmed down tome that has just the rules you need for WWE (at the moment).  Hand in hand with that is the WWE HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card.  Veteran Clix players can see at a glance that this has fewer “standard” powers than the base game, though it also has new, exclusive powers denoted by colored circles on dials rather than squares.  Here you’ll also find the rules for WWE Abilities Bounce and Pin, along with an explanation of how these figures work in “Multiverse Games” with other HeroClix properties (and yes, WWE Superstars are pretty rad even going up against superheroes!).  Supplementary material includes plain white dice with black pips, terrain tokens (hindering, water, barrier, special, smoke, debris), and WWE object tokens (folding chair, table, ladder, staircase, trash can, and briefcase – all items we’ve seen used to bash people in wrestling events).

map - arena1

In this starter set is a new double-sided map that again helps to complete the wrestling feel in HeroClix.  On one side is the WWE Arena, a classic event venue with a stage at one end with ramp leading down to the centrally located ring that’s surrounded by a raucous crowd.  There are tons of great details that anyone who’s ever watched WWE will appreciate, from the overall layout to the inclusion of the announcer’s table and the extra tables, the fans standing and cheering with signs, and more.  It’s also cool that while one superstar team gets to start with a big entrance at the stage, the other blasts into action from within the crowd in a classic sneak attack move!  The map itself is very straightforward (and open) with only hindering terrain tables and obscuring terrain (hindering for line of fire only) in the crowds.  The central competition area is of course a natural fit for the set’s WWE Ring special terrain piece; it comes with its own card, rules, and point cost.

map - backstage area

On the other side of this starter’s map is the WWE Backstage Area, another location that will feel right at home for WWE fans.  This multipurpose interior includes a loading dock with hindering terrain vehicles and blocking terrain columns, hallways filled with hindering terrain crates, and walled-off rooms all with hindering terrain furniture: office, break/green room locker room, and press room.  Basically, you’ve got lots of locations for superstars to show off, ambush each other, have behind the scenes grudge matches, bash up furniture, etc.


Rock ‘N’ Sock Connection Starter Set

Interested in getting into WWE HeroClix but prioritize starting with more figures rather than the WWE Ring special terrain piece?  Then the Rock ‘N’ Sock Connection Starter Set is perfect for you.  Packaged similarly to traditional starters and Fast Forces, this set brings you all the components you need to play, a double-side map, and six WWE Superstars: The Rock, Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels!  Other than the map (see below), the rest of the materials are exactly the same as in the Mixed Match Challenge set above: HeroClix Single Universe Core Rulebook, WWE HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card, dice, terrain tokens (hindering, water, barrier, special, smoke, debris), and WWE object tokens (folding chair, table, ladder, staircase, trash can, and briefcase).


Longtime WWE fans will know two of the included figures here just by the title of the pack, and of course those are the Rock and Mankind, also known, at times, as the Rock & Sock Connection (“significant appearance” noted as Raw, 09/27/1999).  The Rock is one of the biggest superstars ever in and out of the WWE, while Mankind… is a creepy masked dude who talks to his own filthy sock puppet.  In reality Mankind is the really cool and interesting Mick Foley, who has appeared in wrestling under several names in unique characters.  They are 75 and 70 points respectively (same point values we saw in the other starter), each with a Signature Move trait and one special power; the Rock can attempt to shut down enemy Outwit, Perplex, or Probability Control against him or an ally while Mankind can use Perplex or heal a click!  Both figures also start with Charge and Toughness, with Sidestep, Slam, and Close Combat Expert coming later for the Brahma Bull and Slam, Perplex, Flurry, and Submission Hold on Foley.


The bad boys of D-Generation X, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, are also 70 and 75 points respectively.  HHH is equipped with a Signature Move and special power that combines Charge with a blanket effect hindering his enemy’s first attack each turn; his dial is notable for including Leadership and Outwit along with plenty of offensive capability.  Michaels, meanwhile, adds a second trait that provides him with a mechanic to generate Tuning Up The Band tokens to empower his Signature Move!  Superstars Ric Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin are both 75 points with a Signature Move and special power, the dial of the first reflecting the wrestler’s low blows and eye gouges while Austin is all about stomping and raising hell.  Both Shawn Michaels and Mankind are unique figures, only available for WWE HeroClix in this pack (the rest appear in boosters with different dials).

map - wargames1

Like the other starter, Rock ‘N’ Sock offers two familiar wrestling locales for HeroClix games.  The WarGames Arena captures a unique event layout featuring a large central competition area encircling two rings and two cages flanking the main stage.  Combine starters to place the WWE Ring special terrain here, or two in a friendly match if you and a friend each have one!  The cages are blocking terrain, while alternating audience sections are hindering or obscuring.

map - training center

The other side of the map is another location you’ll see in promos, or cut to during broadcasts: a WWE Training Center.  This is a neat battlefield with four widely space columns (blocking terrain), plenty of hindering terrain exercise machines, a space for a practice ring (use the WWE Ring terrain!), and showers blocked off by the only walls making it a perfect place for an ambush or duel over an object.

group - boosters


With one or two starters in hand you’re ready to build out your roster of WWE Superstars, and that’s where the expansions come in.  Single-figure boosters, these are non-blind so you know exactly what you’re getting and can pick your favorite wrestlers or tag team members.  The 18 men and women of the first wave come from modern as well as classic eras, with: The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Sasha Banks, Finn Bálor, Ronda Rousey, John Cena, Macho Man Randy Savage, Trish Stratus, Asuka, Undertaker, Kane, Andre the Giant, Roman Reigns, Eddie Guerrero, and Big Show.  Chances are quite good that if you watched the WWE (or WWF) for even a short amount of time at some point you’ll recognize at least a couple of these superstars.  And if not?  They’re still cool figures and fun game pieces.

group - new world order

Speaking of, these wrestlers range from 70 to 110 points, all with a secondary lower point cost as low as 40 for even more team building options.  And along those lines, the WWE come with a whole suite of new keywords representing team ups, tag teams, movements, factions, and more; they all have the non-generic WWE keyword as well so you can always make a theme team no matter whom you pick.  There’s also a tremendous attention to detail when it comes to the names/flavor text of traits and powers referencing specific storylines, catchphrases, etc.  This deep dive into the property extends to things like Ric Flair’s powers referencing his low blows and eye gouging, Macho Man’s “Snap Into It,” and Kane getting both the Monster and Politician keywords!

group - heenan family

The WWE HeroClix PAC may have fewer powers than the standard one, but the WWE figures still manage to come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Obviously there are no ranged attacks, though the “Big Guy” figures like Andre the Giant and Undertaker have Giant Reach.  Charge and Sidestep show up quite a bit along with Flurry, while the faster and more agile characters have powers like Flying Leap, Lightning Speed, Slingshot, and Nimble.  Quake is the only standard Attack power in WWE, meeting fun wrestling-specific options Reversal, Slam, Stun, and Submission Hold.  With a lot of close combat “bricks” the set has a lot of Toughness and some Invulnerability (that’s the highest reducer), along with Super Senses, Combat Reflexes, and even some Regeneration.  There are no new damage powers, just the familiar faces of Exploit Weakness, Probability Control, Close Combat Expert, Empower, Perplex, Outwit, and Leadership.  Naturally, traits and special powers take things in all different directions by combining powers, allowing superstars to use standard powers in unique ways (like getting to do both Slam effects), and more.

group - corporate ministry

The WWE HeroClix figures, put simply, look great.  WizKids did a great job at capturing the essences of these varied characters, with regards to their different physicalities, signature poses, costumes, and even extras that complete the look.  You’ve got everything from flamboyant show people like the Flairs in their robes and the Rock lifting a fist or a microphone, to action packed high flyers like Roman Reigns and Macho Man flying through the air.  Even figures that are standing still do so with iconic poses like John Cena waving his hand in front of his face and Triple H spitting water into the air.  There’s a lot of flesh on display, but the costumes are colorful and dynamic with bright hues, metallics, and best of all, really great logos and symbols.  In fact, I was very impressed by the small painted details all over from the aforementioned logos to the faces.  Just check out the Rock’s eyebrow!  Extras like Kane’s and Shawn Michaels’ pyrotechnics give the set even more flair, as well as cool uses of translucent plastic.


There’s your look at the first wave of WWE HeroClix items, with hopefully more on the way.  It’s a really cool expansion, addition, and reinvention of the game that also celebrates a worldwide phenomenon and truly larger than life characters.  The figures look great, the Single Universe version of HeroClix is fun, and these wrestlers play very well in the larger game via the Multiverse rules.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see WWE Superstars show up in the meta by enterprising players.  You can bring the action home starting TOMORROW with the Mixed Match Challenge Starter Set (MSRP $34.99), Rock ‘N’ Sock Connection Starter Set (MSRP $24.99), and the 18 different Single-Figure Expansion Packs (MSRP $7.99 ea).  WWE fans, even casual ones, who play HeroClix are going to love this set, and I recommend checking it out even if you aren’t into wrestling as there’s so much going on here.  I can see this revitalizing play for longtime Clixers looking for something a little different, too.  Get your WWE Superstars wherever Clix are sold, or check out the WizKids Info Network to find a venue near you.

Visit for even more info as well as downloads of rules and maps, and stay tuned to as we continue our reviews of new HeroClix!

Review and photos by Scott Rubin

Review samples courtesy of WizKids Games

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