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ADVANCE REVIEW: WizKids Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine vs. Cyclops: X-Men Regenesis

– Review and photos by Scott Rubin

One of the best things about HeroClix is that WizKids Games never stops experimenting with new formats, mechanics, figure types, etc.  We see that in every expansion set, but there’s a very different HeroClix game experience coming this summer with the Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine vs. Cyclops: X-Men Regenesis Storyline Organized Play Event Series.  These months long tournament series have been going on for years, and we’ve seen a really interesting evolution in them.  For this latest incarnation, WizKids is holding a three month long event this summer featuring all new X-Men figures.  Players will purchase three blind-bagged single figure boosters with which to make their teams, choosing sides during the conflict between Wolverine and Cyclops.  All of the figures for this event are brand new, and we got to check out a full Regenesis Countertop Display Unit.  Read on to see what 24 figures we pulled, and what you might find when you choose to side with Utopia or the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning!

group - wolverine

For a little backstory, it was in 2011 that the X-Men broke up in “Schism,” with Wolverine and Cyclops literally fighting each other over their interpretations of how young mutants should be treated.  Following the confrontation Logan took a faction of mutants while others stayed in Utopia with Cyclops, and in the subsequent “Regenesis” era the different teams embarked on different missions. 

group - cyclops

In general Cyclops and the Utopia team were more proactive in safeguarding the world from threats to mutants while Wolverine took over the headmaster position at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and attempted to teach and mold the next generation of mutants in safety.


First off, let’s check out the box.  Countertop Displays let WizKids show off a lot of graphics, art, and figure previews, and the Regenesis version is no different.  Splashed all over it is an iconic shot from the comic book featuring Cyclops and Wolverine fighting, representing the schism between two conflicting ideologies amongst mutants.  The front panel naturally includes the name of the set and company logos while also letting players know the series includes 20 new figures; there’s also a small preview of some of them at the bottom.  Going around the box there are silhouettes of the two X-Men leaders on opposite sides, and the back panel shows you 3D renders of all 20 Regenesis figures! 


Inside the box are 24 single figure foil packs featuring the same comic book art and lots of information.

Here’s the full breakdown of the figures we pulled in this display (your results will vary of course):

 001 wolverine1

Commons (including duplicates)

  • 001 Wolverine
  • 002 Cyclops
  • 003 Kitty Pryde
  • 004 Storm
  • 005 Beast
  • 006 Emma Frost
  • 007 Gambit
  • 008 Magneto

 009 rachel summers1


  • 009 Rachel Summers
  • 010 Namor
  • 011 Rogue
  • 012 Colossus
  • 013 Iceman
  • 015 Angel

018 magik2

Super Rare

  • 018 Magik

Collation in countertop display boxes is always interesting, and works differently than what we see in five figure booster bricks.  Out of 24 foil bags 17 were common figures, with at least one duplicate of all eight of them.  This means that most players should be able to pull or trade for the commons they need, which is nice.  Then we pulled one each of six different rares, and one super rare.  Naturally these are going to be a bit harder to track down, especially the SRs if they’re always only one per box.

group - wolverine cyclops1

All of the figures in Regenesis are mutants and members of the X-Men, though they split evenly between supporters of Cyclops and Wolverine.  As with the Civil War Storyline OP event in 2016 the figures in this set have different colored bases corresponding to their chosen faction: yellow for Wolverine and the Jean Grey School and blue for Cyclops and Utopia.  In addition, figures are also “SwitchClix” meaning they can be removed from their bases; WizKids has recently announced a line of unpainted HeroClix figures that you can paint yourselves, and so your works of art can be mounted on these dials and played in normal games!

005 beast1

Starting off the commons are the leaders of the two X-Men factions in action poses, Wolverine slashing with his claws as he leaps into the air and Cyclops crouching to unleash a powerful optic blast.  They’re joined by three supporters each.  On the yellow bases are Kitty Pryde phasing into the ground with the dragon Lockheed on her shoulder, the bouncing Beast tumbling across the battlefield, and Gambit in a long-awaited return to HeroClix swinging his energized staff.  On the other side are Storm hovering in the air with wind effects, a crystal form Emma Frost, and sometimes villain/sometimes hero Magneto about to hurl spheres of energy at his foes.

013 iceman2

Among the rares we pulled four Jean Grey School for Higher Learning figures and two Utopia mutants.  The former includes Phoenix-empowered Rachel Summers blasting off, Rogue punching into the air with an energized fist, Iceman sliding on an ice slide in his ice form and cargo shorts, and the newly resurrected (it’s complicated) Angel with dynamic metal wings.  Supporting Cyclops at this rarity in this box were two heavy hitters punching their way through their enemies: Namor riding a wave and the mighty Colossus.  Almost balancing the two teams was our super rare Magik, emerging through a teleporting disc and ferociously wielding her soulsword!

group shot

I’m really pleased with the figures in this set, both in regards to sculpt and paint applications.  All of the characters look like they jumped right off the comic book page with iconic and dynamic poses and costumes.  There’s not a bad one in the bunch, and some of my favorites include Beast with his textured fur and tech gear, Emma Frost with her cape flowing behind her, the intricate flame effect and expertly applied “hound” facial markings on Rachel Summers, Namor looking cool and strong on his water spout, and Angel with his really cool metal wings with individually sculpted “feathers.”  Every figure has at least one translucent effect, whether it’s a flight or leap swoop, energy blast, alternative body composition, or even dragon flame.

group - colossus kitty

While each figure in this set has its own traits and special powers, there is an interesting new mechanic going on in Regenesis.  Every figure has a trait (either “I Stand With Wolverine” or “Cyclops Was Right”) that gives it access to an improved ability if it’s played on a theme team for its respective faction.  To represent this all of the Regenesis cards have two “faces,” a standard number and a .1 version.  The dials are the same, but a trait or special power is slightly reworded with a bonus.  For example, the standard version of Wolverine heals a click every time it clears tokens, while the .1 version heals a click as FREE!  All of the figures (at least that we pulled) also have two starting lines for more team building options, which is always handy.  All of these figures also share the X-Men team ability, with a couple of them sporting a second one as well.


Thanks to a great unboxing video by Scott Porter most of the Regenesis dials have been revealed, but I think I’ve got a couple treats for you.  First off, let’s check out the rare 011 Rogue!  The Southern belle has a lean 90 point dial with the X-Men team ability, Flight, the standard trait upgrading her to .1 status on a Jean Grey School for Higher Learning theme team, and a second trait letting her steal a power and range from an enemy she hits with a close attack! 


On the dial Rogue starts with strong stats including a 4 damage with Charge, Quake, and a special power combining Invulnerability and Willpower.  Mid-dial she alternates between Charge and Flurry before a final run of Sidestep, around the time she switches to Toughness and picks up Close Combat Expert.  If you upgrade to the .1 version Rogue not only steals a power from a close attack, but the hit character CAN’T USE IT until you choose again!  If you’re on a budget you can play Rogue at 60 points starting on her third click.



Coming in at the super rare status is Colossus’ sister Magik, set #018.  A powerhouse in a small package, Illyana clocks in at 60 points with the X-Men and Mystics team abilities and the Cyclops Was Right trait.  She kicks things off with 10/11/18/3 stats along with Blades/Claws/Fangs, Toughness, and a wordy special power giving her Phasing/Teleport with two passengers (that aren’t restricted by Flight ability), and the ability to make a close attack after moving five squares or less (though her attack is penalized by the number of characters she carried). 


One click in she upgrades her attack power with a special combining Blades/Claws/Fangs with Steal Energy.  That power lasts the rest of Magik’s dial, later paired with Flurry, Combat Reflexes, and Battle Fury.  On a Utopia theme team Magik’s bonus attack after Phasing/Teleport is not penalized by carrying.  On both versions she also has a 40 point starting line on click #3.

group - defenders


I hope you enjoyed this look under the hood at some of what you can expect to see in the Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine vs. Cyclops: X-Men Regenesis set!  If you’re interested in these figures and more (including really fun LE prize figures), then head over to the WizKids Info Network to find a participating venue near you.  The Regenesis Storyline Organized Play event starts soon so sign up now.  Whether you’re team Wolverine or team Cyclops (like me), good luck with your pulls!

Scroll below to check out a photo gallery of all the figures from this brick.

Visit for even more info as well as downloads of rules and maps, and stay tuned to as we continue our reviews of new HeroClix!

Review and photos by Scott Rubin.

Review samples courtesy of WizKids Games.

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