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80 Years of Marvel Legends Comic Figures Photos! Hasbro Toy Fair 2019

All good things come to an end, and the end of my New York Toy Fair 2019 coverage is today! Earlier this week I looked at the MCU movie half of the Hasbro Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Series, and today I’ve got the other half, which is composed entirely of classic comic book figures! Closing out my 2019 Toy Fair coverage, it’s Marvel Legends Juggernaut, Colossus, First Appearance Wolverine, Classic Thor and more!

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Figures Display NY Toy Fair 2019The night before NY Toy Fair 2019, news broke confirming the “80 Years of Marvel” Legends series in the form of an official teaser graphic from Hasbro that covertly premiered 5 of the 7 comic-based figures that are included in the wave.

Initial collector reaction to those reveals was overwhelmingly positive, and hype only grew further when press was allowed to see and photograph the whole series in the display room after Hasbro’s Toy Fair Presentation! Let’s have a look…

Marvel Legends 2019 Juggernaut Helmet at NY Toy Fair 2019It’s hard to call anything in this wave a “headliner”, because every single character here is a headliner. All five of the comic book-based products in this set are sure-fire top sellers, in my opinion, so I’ll just look at them one at a time.

Marvel Legends 80 Years Hulk and 1st Appearance Wolverine Figures BoxedThe 80 Years Marvel Legends two-pack that gets me most pumped up in the whole line is definitely the First Appearance Wolverine and Classic Hulk set. This set will be a “Fan Channel Exclusive” available via various online retailers such as EE and BBTS.

Toy Fair 2019 Marvel Legends Hulk FigureIt’s been a long time since we last got a plain comic book Hulk Legends figure, and this looks like the definitive one with perfect colors for Hulk’s skin and pants and all-new tooling.

Hulk Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Figure Close-Up Toy FairThe removable tattered white shirt also looks awesome, although the shirt itself does seem like it may have been a loose fit for Bruce Banner!

80 Years Marvel Legends First Appearance Wolverine & Hulk FiguresI’ve never been in love with the original costume for First Appearance Wolverine, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to own a super-articulated action figure of him done to perfection either.

Hasbro Toy Fair 2019 First Appearance Wolverine Six Inch FigureThis figure is primarily created using the Apocalypse Series Wolverine, but that’s fine—that figure was near-perfect and is also an ideal base to use for this one. Interchangeable fists with claws retracted are also included.

2019 Toy Fair Marvel Legends Colossus and Juggernaut PackagedThe other comic book two pack is one I know many collectors are already salivating over: Marvel Legends Colossus and Juggernaut!

Marvel Legends 2019 Colossus Figure 80th AnniversaryI was not crazy about the modern costume for the 2017 ML Colossus from the Warlock Series, and I wasn’t alone by the many posts I’ve seen on social media asking for a more classic-styled Piotr Rasputin.

Marvel Legends 80 Years of Marvel Colossus FigureThis Colossus has a gorgeous paint job, interchangeable grasping hands and fists, and a classic costume that will fit right in with the ever-expanding Jim Lee roster. Wonderful addition for those who’ve been asking for it.

2019 Toy Fair Juggernaut and Colossus Marvel Legends FiguresMeanwhile, the immensely popular Juggernaut Build-A-Figure will be making an encore appearance in this set along with newly-sculpted helmets, including a gnarly battle-damaged helmet with beaten-up Cain Marko portrait underneath!

2019 NY Toy Fair Marvel Legends Juggernaut Hasbro FigureThis Juggernaut BAF has gotten really expensive on the aftermarket, and several of the figures that came with the Juggernaut Build-A-Figure parts were difficult to acquire to begin with, so this is another welcome re-release with some newness to it.

Captain America Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Figure PackagedThe last three figures in the series will all be single-packed and boxed: classic Captain America (exclusive to Walmart), Iron Man and Thor 6” Figures.

Marvel Legends 80 Years Iron Man Figure Toy Fair 2019As crazy as it may seem with how ubiquitous this trio is these days, we very rarely get 6” classic comic book action figure versions of any of them these days.

80 Years of Marvel Legends Captain America Figure Toy FairThe new Captain America will give fans the sculpted mail costume that they’ve been long for, and also includes an alternate head and hands. Captain America will be exclusive to Walmart stores (for better or worse).

Iron Man Marvel Legends 80 Years Figure PackagedIron Man will be in his shiny gold and red armor, which will be on the correct scale and with proper proportions. Plus an alternate classic 80s helmet will be included as well, along with a Tony Stark head, effects pieces, and interchangeable hands!

Marvel Legends 80 Years Series Thor Close-Up Classic Comic BookFinally, we’ve got the first Classic Thor in a long time, who’s meant to pair perfectly with classic Loki from the Avengers Endgame Legends series hitting this spring.

Hasbro 2019 Toy Fair Marvel Legends Thor Comic Book Figure 80th AnniversaryThis Thor looks utterly magnificent. I’m so used to seeing modern bearded Thor (and Chris Hemsworth Thor) that it’s honestly a little weird seeing Thor so clean-shaven and majestic looking!

80 Years of Marvel Legends Boxes Sides Toy Fair 2019Just a quick note about these single-packed figures: some folks viewing photos at home saw the pictures of the boxed Captain America and Iron Man Figures and erroneously started spreading word that they were 12” Figures for a continuation of the 12” Marvel Legends series.

As much as I love that line, that’s not what was shown—these were 6” boxed ML action figures that just happened to be on plinths closer to peoples’ cameras than the shelves on the back wall. (I do think it’s kinda funny that many people tried to argue with me about this on social media and insist they were 12” when I was literally in the room photographing these boxes and figures, though. Heh.)

Marvel Legends Toy Fair 2019 80th Anniversary Series Figures HasbroThe Marvel Legends 80 Years Series is scheduled to be released in fall 2019, with pre-orders opening up online likely sometime this summer. As always, I’ll update the site and send out alerts via social media once the figures go live for sale.

Are the seven figures Hasbro selected as the comic book wing of the 80 Years of Marvel series everything you hoped for? Will any of you be purchasing some (or all!) of these figures as the default classic versions for your own displays, or are you not impressed with these iconic character revisits?

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