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2020 Was The Worst According to @Super7

This strange year was THE WORST, wasn’t it?! And OF COURSE it’s a leap year so there’s an extra day!?

The Worst are Super7’s own gang of the most villainous vile vermin, and here to commemorate the past 366 days are The Worst 2020 ReAction Figures limited edition Cortex Commander and Snake Tut 2-Pack and the special edition Keshi 3-Packs in yellow!

Ring out this year with the Ruthless Mastermind of Chaos Cortex Commander (with clear brain dome and revolver accessory) and the Serpent God of Destruction Snake Tut (with snake staff accessory) on a cardback that sums up how this year made us feel.

There are good guys. There are bad guys. And then there are…“The Worst”… and good riddance 2020!

End this year in the worst way!