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Ultra Rare #Pokémon Cards – First Time Ever Sale on #eBay

Two ultra-rare Pokémon trading cards are currently for sale on eBay and are expected to sell for thousands.


About the cards:

  • Jumbo 10 Pokémon cards Darkrai & Cresselia Legend and Palkia & Dialga Legend are being sold on eBay with a PSA 10 gem mint grade. This is the first time ever these cards with such a high grading are being sold online, leading them to be highly sought after by collectors.
  • The cards are part of a larger sealed product collection that the seller originally purchased from a single collector for $65,000, many of which are also currently up for sale.
  • The sale is continuing through the next week, concluding on Monday 4/9.


  • The card listings can be found here and here.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!   If you dig rare Pokemon cards then you will be interested to know that two additional rare Pokémon cards from the collection have now been listed on eBay – a PSA 10 Shining Tyranitar Holo and PSA 10 Shining Mewtwo Holo

They are also currently available for sale on eBay here and here.


With 1.1 billion listings, eBay is one of the best places to shop rare and hard-to-find trading cards.