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The Toys That Time Forgot Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 Announced.

At a panel at Toy Fair 2018 author Blake Wright announced that he would be moving forward with two additional volumes of his successful Kickstarter book on unreleased toy lines ‘The Toys That Time Forgot.’  Now he has made the same announcement to his backers and on the TTTF Social Media channels:


Hello all!

I just wanted to drop in quickly to let you know that I formally announced TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT VOL. 2 and 3 at Toy Fair in New York last month! Ideally, Vol. 2 will come to Kickstarter in February 2019 and Vol. 3 would follow a year later. You can follow the progress for the books via the Facebook page —>

And since nobody has asked (I take that back, I think one person did), I can confirm that I am dealing with a corrupt audio file for the ReSaurus podcast I wanted to share as part of the original campaign stretch goals. I’m still hopeful I can get it up and running… and I swear there is another copy of the file somewhere… so please bear with me as I search for a solution!

Much thanks!