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The Return of Mego?

Back in the 1970’s Mego was one of the largest toy companies in the world.  Mego worked in a variety of scales, from 3.75″ to 12″, but their most popular line was their iconic 8″ line.  This line of action figures featured a variety of licenses on a (fairly) uniform body with cloth costumes.  This provided fans with an opportunity of unparalleled cross-over potential in their play with properties such as DC Comics, Marvel, Planet of the Apes, Wizard of Oz and Star Trek all in the same style and scale.

Several companies have tried to resurrect the format, with varying success rates.   Mattel took a half-hearted swing at it. While companies like Diamond Select Toys continue to do great work releasing Marvel figures in this format in boxed set, as well as reproducing and expanding the vintage Star Trek line.   Figures Toy Company has been making reproductions of the DC Comics World’s Greatest Super Heroes as well as expanding the character selection as well as other licenses such as KISS, the Monkies, Happy Days, the Three Stooges, WWE, and more.

Now, it appears the original is returning.  After many years of rumors there seems to be some movement in founder Marty Abrams bringing the company back in some form.  In December of last year a Facebook page for the “Mego Corporation” was created.  T


he page is pretty light on information, and has a handful of posts from January showing vintage product but the “about” tab has the following message:

The original MEGO Corp. is back. Follow us to stay informed about what’s new and cool!

Then earlier today this message was posted:


At this time we don’t know what format their products will be (retro? modern?) or what licenses they might hold, but it should be interesting to watch.

More news as it develops.