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@IconHeroes Once Upon a Time Rumplestiltskin Action Figure

Hello, we are pleased to announce our Kickstarter campaign for the Once Upon a Time Rumplestiltskn action figure!

The first wave of ABC’s Once Upon a Time action figures released in Summer 2017 featuring the Evil Queen, Hook, Robin Hood, and Emma Swan.  We had planned a second wave that was to include Rumplestiltskin, Belle, Snow White, and Prince Charming.  Unfortunately with the TV series ending this season, there has not been enough retail support for this second wave.  However, fans have been asking for more and now here’s your chance to make it happen starting with Rumplestiltskin.
This highly detailed figure stands approximately 6 inch tall with about 14 points of articulation. It will come with the dark one dagger and a BONUS interchangeable Mr. Gold head.  Help us get the Rumple action figure made with your pledge –