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Even MORE Hot Toys Avengers: Infinity War Cosbaby Bobble-Heads

Hot Toys is on a roll with their Avengers: Infinity War Cosbaby series. In addition to this wave and this wave, Hot Toys unveils even more figures and sets!

Hot Toys - AIW - Tony Stark, Iron Man, Infinity Gauntlet Cosbaby Set_PR1

Today’s reveal includes Doctor Strange, Iron Man (Battling Version) and Infinity Gauntlet; whereas Iron Man with metallic colored mask, Tony Stark, Wong and Movbi are only available in their respective collectible sets!

Hot Toys - AIW - Iron Spider Cosbaby (L)_PR1

Furthermore, an approximately 10-inch (25cm tall) Iron Spider Cosbaby (L) Bobble-Head with stylishly painted metallic color will be included in this wave.

Hot Toys - AIW - Doctor Strange & Wong Cosbaby Set_PR1

The collectible set that consists of 3 Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Heads including Iron Man, Infinity Gauntlet and Tony Stark dressed in black track suit will come as an exclusive item. Another set with 2 Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Heads will feature Doctor Strange and Wong exclusively.

Hot Toys - AIW - Iron Man & Movbi Cosbaby Set_PR4

Movbi, a newly introduced original character by Hot Toys who sits on a stylish red seat to watch his favorite movie (approximately 5″ tall) will be wearing a pair of Avengers: Infinity War 3D glasses and comes in an exclusive box set that features a shiny metallic color masked Iron Man Cosbaby (approximately 9.5cm tall).

Hot Toys - AIW - Iron Man & Movbi Cosbaby Set_PR6

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